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Visit and Exchange in the Union of Studying in China

As we were going to strengthen the ties with Union of Studying in China and expand possible cooperative fields, Yan Longqiang and Deng Zhenhua in the International Exchange Center went to Beijing and visited the Union. Yan delivered his gratitude to all the efforts the Union had made. It’s an honest and fruitful discussion as the both parties exchanged views on the achievements that had been made, problems still remained and possible cooperation lied in the future. Yan advised that the Union could firstly help us expand the scale of foreign students and diversified the means of enrolling them, secondly comprehensively lift our international education level through deeper cooperation with other foreign colleges, thirdly get more foreign students know our college and intensify exchanges among students and teachers at home and abroad so as to build a well-known foreign education brand, fourthly increase the foreign students’ quality.   

    Through this visit and exchange, our college had strengthened the ties with the Union, improved mutual understanding and found possible solutions to the problems remained on the way of foreign education, which provided valuable suggestions to the further development in foreign education.


Edited by: Tian Yanfei
Source: TRPT News (Chinese)